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Collapse Cyber Liability Insurance:  What You Need to Know

Date:  Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Time:  1:00 - 2:30 pm EST

Cost:  $199.99 for live webinar and the recorded podcast for future listening

Speaker:  Lisa Haaser, Tennant Risk Services



Cyber insurance policies are not all the same.   This webinar will provide insight into cyber exposures and explain specialty insurance that is available to help protect your business and that of your clients.   Lisa presented at the SPBA Fall meeting last year.  She has added new material; however, much of the presentation is a repeat for those who were not able to attend.




Learning Objectives


>> Understand cyber exposures and how they affect you


>> What are your vulnerabilities?


>> What happens after a breach?


>> Cyber insurance to protect your business




The cost will be $199.99 per location for the live webinar and the podcast.  You may have as many people as can fit in a room, hear a conference call and see a computer screen for the live webinar.


Transmission Prohibition  


Please note:  Any transmission or re-transmission of this event to additional sites/rooms by any means including but not limited to the use of a telephone conference bridge whether or not owned by the registrant is strictly prohibited.            


Technical Notes


Technical Warning One - Once you have registered you will need to tell your technical people to set your firewalls to accept email from two different email addresses:  support@peachnewmedia.com.  Confirmation emails and reminders will be sent from these two different emails.


Technical Warning Two – Freestone is the platform used to stream the webinar.  In the event that polling questions are incorporated into the webinar, please ensure that your pop-up blocker is turned off or adjusted so that they are able to appear.


Webinar Recorded for Future Listening

In addition to this live webinar, this webinar will be recorded and offered in a streaming mode (Internet connection required) and a podcast only format (permitting you to download the recording and use it disconnected from the Internet).  The podcast is an MP3 format, audio-only file, that you can “save as” to your computer hard drive and then move to any MP3 compatible device. The podcast will not provide the corresponding PPT video since it is an audio-only file.  However, you can download the PPT from the SPBA website.
Formats Available: Recording Only, Download Only, Live Webcast + Streaming
Original Seminar Date: March 01, 2017
On-Demand Release Date: March 03, 2017
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